Getting started

How to implement nativeDroid?

nativeDroid is basically a theme for jQuery Mobile so you can use any functionality provided by jQM but for a better looking design there are a few tweaks to respect:

  • Important to know
  • all styles are applied to data-theme='b'
  • only use the structure stylesheet without a theme (css/jquerymobile.css).
    Stylesheets from jQuery Mobile's Themeroller will break the design.
  • the data-inset='true|false' parameter is not working in nativeDroid.
    Use the wrapping <div class='inset'>-Tag instead.
  • use the data-role='header' only in combination with data-position='fixed' and data-tap-toggle='false' and specificly apply the data-theme='b' to link elements inside the header.
  • the data-role='footer' is not yet designed. Use them with cause.

As a best practice we recommend you to start by copying one of the HTML-Documents from the demonstration.