Features of nativeDroid?

  • Version 0.2.2 (June 15,2013)
  • FontAwesome 3.2.0 is fully implemented now! You can have a preview look of all 361 icons.
  • Footer added. Finally a minimal data-role='footer' is implemented.
  • TweetFeed (Experimental) has gone. Unsupported API v1 by twitter.com
  • Version 0.2.1 (April 29,2013)
  • Gallery Example added (+Flickr API implemented)
  • Homescreen Example added. Including Splashscreen / Lockscreen / Clock Widget as well as a RSS FeedReader-Widget.
  • Cards improved. Routes will be automatically displayed when you provide a from and to parameter (Google Maps).
  • Version 0.2 (April 24,2013)
  • Update to jQuery Mobile 1.3.1 and jQuery 1.9.1 (Version 2.0.0 is pretty buggy with jQuery Mobile)
  • Newly styled HTML5 <progress>-Element (Demo)
  • TweetFeed: A Twitter-Reader-Plugin (Experimental)
  • Cards: A Plugin for flying cards (Experimental)
  • Loading-Progress-Bar (Experimental/implemented in TweetFeed) (-webkit-only)
  • Added user-scalable=no in the header for improving click performance (Many thanks to Mozillas Firefox for Android-Team for the feedback)
  • Removed the big border on the radio and checkbox form elements (z-index-issue)
  • Bugfix: Fixed the flickering-header icons on scrolling
  • Bugfix: Fixed the hiding icon-issue in Panels
  • Version 0.1 (April 13,2013)
  • nativeDroid does not need any single image
  • The icons are provided by FontAwesome and can be used by the data-icon-attribute.
    (data-icon='camera' = .icon-camera)
  • nativeDroid comes in 5 different colours (blue/green/purple/red/yellow) where are fully combinable with light and dark.
  • nativeDroid has additional classes that makes it easy to create a beautiful mobile project.