Colors & Styles

How to apply colors and styles?

  • Basic CSS
  • css/font-awesome.min.css contains the fonts and icons used in nativeDroid.
  • css/jquerymobile.css contains the original structure for jQuery Mobile without any theme (minified).
  • css/jquerymobile.nativedroid.css contains the structure adjustments needed for nativeDroid.
  • Theme
  • css/jquerymobile.nativedroid.light.css contains the light-theme.
  • css/jquerymobile.nativedroid.dark.css contains the dark-theme.
  • Colors
  • css/ blue-color style.
  • css/ green-color style.
  • css/jquerymobile.nativedroid.color.purple.css purple-color style.
  • css/ purple-color style.
  • css/jquerymobile.nativedroid.color.yellow.css yellow-color style.

To create your own color-style simply copy one of the basic color.css-files and adjust the few color codes as you like.